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Hello, I'm a Creative Director living in Long Island, New York.
My main professional focus is Strategic Cross-Media Branding for retail,
and e-commerce markets.

Iosif Paskar Portfolio

Design Inferno is a Branding consultant, working with small, medium businesses and startups to make them stand out through Brand Identity Strategy, Packaging, and Industrial Designs. We are the real deal. Design Inferno is intentionally small. There is no revolving door, no outsourcing, and no unkept promises. Each project gets my uncompromised attention to give you the very best.


There is nothing more exciting than turning your vision into tangible reality and watching you grow and flourish. My focus is on what I do best, give you the most personalized service where no detail is overlooked, with impeccable quality and streamlined communication.

Click on images below to explore our work.

Tell me about your project and let’s get started. 

Market Research, Competitive Mapping & Analysis, Strategy, 

Brainstorming, Messaging & Naming. Corporate Identity, Logos & Pictograms, Fonts, Color Palette, Pattern, Texture, Graphic Elements, Icons, Photography. Usage Guideline, Marketing Communication, 
Sales Presentations.

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Package Designs. Sourcing
& Manufacturing Support, Pre-Press & Troubleshooting.

Ideation, Renderings & Functions, Graphics, Typography, Copy, Illustrations, Photography, Imagery Enhancements & PhotoShop Styling.

Product & Point of Sale Design, Comparative Research, User-Centered

Thinking, Sketching, Structural Ideation, Ergonomics & Functions CAD Engineering, Prototyping & Testing, Sourcing & Manufacturing

Support, Pre-Tooling & Troubleshooting. Renderings,
Imagery Enhancements & Styling.

In-Store Retail Merchandising, Countertop & PDQ, Exhibit & Show Displays, User-Centered Holistic Experience, OOH & Interaction Design.

360° Design Touch-points, Digital Design, Media Content,

Social Imagery & Communications, Web, Multimedia, Interactive Design.

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