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Mike Mizrahi.jpg

Mike Mizrahi

President / CEO at Prime Brands Group Inc.

I have been privileged to work with and learn from Iosif. Iosif was and still is a consummate professional with the ability to articulate his ideas from both business and creative perspectives.

He is an excellent leader, but more so, he is an educator and does not hesitate to impart his wisdom onto junior designers, hence helping them further their skills and careers. He keeps the creative juices flowing and remains on the cutting edge of design trends and community.

Chris Flaharty B+W.jpg

Chris Flaharty

Executive Vice President of Global Sales at Mizco

Iosif is a dedicated professional who is self-directed and brings passion and a strong work ethic to his responsibilities. Iosif won many accolades for Creative and Smart Design and did a good job improving the Brand image of Digipower. He understands the challenges of an ever changing green world and adjusted our packages to meet any requirement from our reseller partners.

Linda Rothstein B+W.jpg

Linda Rothstein-Sosnick

Business Resource Manager at WestRock Company

In his capacity as Design Director, he was considerate to the needs of the consumer, the marketing objectives; and also considered and developed the most cost-effective way to manufacture Products and Packaging.

Vincenzo Lodato B+W.jpg

Vincenzo Lodato

Professor at The Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing, Florence, Italy

Iosif has proved to be a highly conscientious and creative individual always willing to go the extra mile to insure quality in his work. One of his main objectives at FAO Schwarz was to  bring together Brand Integrity with Brand Equity. This he has successfully displayed in the Design and Development of exclusive and licensed products.

Shariff Kan-B+W.jpg

Shariff Kan

Retired President and CEO at Haier America

Iosif worked for my company and directed our team of designers & marketing professionals in Branding, Advertising, Packaging & Trade Exhibits Productions. He was brought to help the Chinese Global manufacturer to solidify its foothold on US soil. Iosif and his team integrated multiple Marketing programs into $30M+ annual expenditure. With his personality, expertise and accomplishments he will be a good asset to any company.


John Elliot

Senior Product Manager at Digipower

One of the things that impressed me the most was Iosif’s ability to not only manage the big picture of a new line launch, but also to handle 2D & 3D implementation of those products. Having someone that can handle both the strategic and tactical sides of the business with equal effectiveness is unique in my opinion.

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